The body of work derives from a fascination for geophysical and (natural) scientific experiences. The generality of these fascinations create an open space to move in and to play in. Using a poetic and inquisitive approach towards these topics I aim to take the viewer with me, to make them aware of the wonderings that I have towards these topics. Although the field of interest dwell from a serious nature, the work breaths an aura of playfulness and ‘bricolage’ (DIY)
If I get seized by a particular idea dealing with physics, by a trivial snapshot taken during a holiday, or some other daily issue, what it usually comes down to is a specific poetical way of dealing with the already existing things. Doing so, I keep the work open for a series of unpredictable associations that can be ascribed to the work.
Inspired by scientific and physical factuality’s, relying on general truths; I find within the arts a niche that offers space to the so-called ‘magical thinking’. I deal with this factuality’s as a bricoleur, a term of Claude Levi Straus: the bricoleur stands in the world of things as an active user of signifiers that are available to him. He reorganizes the things with no obvious destination, this in contrast to the professional craftsman. This notion forms the crux of my way of working. Playfulness is therefore an important factor within my working method. Nevertheless, the physical presence in the presentation of my work is very important. Not only do I care about the content of my work but it is also about the formal properties of my objects.
Keyword in my way of working is reaction. An object on itself can be seen as a static, self-centered thing within space. To activate it, or to give it new meaning for that sense, I have a constant dialog with the objects surrounding me, while making my work. Doing so, unpredicted situations can occur in my search for the miraculous.